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February 10, 2010

How do I write my own Internet site text?

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A good Internet site text letter is an art in itself. To help to follow itself here what tips:

  • Use much of head and subkoppen. Give them more emphasis than the ordinary text by making them for example larger or fatter, or by giving another colour them.
  • Care that and heads your titles very clear is, also for the one which the text which does not follow reads. Make them short and concise.
  • Fall with the door in house: start you text with a conclusion or short summary. Then you can directly decide visitor if he finds it worth it to read further.
  • Use always witregels to separate two subparagraphs of each other.
  • You make text this way short and clearly possible.
  • Move numbers in figures. They jump and make your visitor easier your text to scan.
  • Use much short senses, which you vary with what longer. Beginning a new sense rested with a joint word if that ends up this way (something what you do not do in an ordinary text this way rapidly). joint words are for example: and, or, but.
  • Write simply.
  • No profession language uses, except if you text has been really only intended for a certain occupational group.
  • Care that the texts of your left at a single glance clear are. Click here is therefore no good text for a link. Further information on work in France is that, however.
  • Use as is possible no abbreviations. Not everyone weet where they stand for.
  • Just with references in your text (such as I the already more earlier have indicated, previous sense, next subparagraph). Your weet never or also effective have read the one which read these words, previous subparagraphs. You like must be independent as much as possible.
  • You speak visitors in an direct manner to: with you, you or you.
  • But also not too amicable your manner of letter indicated. Remain correct.
  • Care that you Internet site text is faultless. And lets also someone else your text uses to a spellingchecker once more read on.
  • Use active senses instead of passive. An active sense has a clear subject. Therefore not: there further information can be requested at…, but: you can request further information at…
  • You make Internet site text not too commercial. From research becomes clear that websurfers have a hekel to too commercial texts. How more objectively you happen, how better. For this reason give also actual information.
  • The eye wants also what: you make text for this reason visually attractive. Use for that enumeration signs, onderstrepingen, capital letters, stood in subparagraphs, words in bold, cursiveringen, derogatory character types or character sizes, coloured text, edges, frameworks, arrows, observations in the margin, mark gene, inversietekst, etc. But do not exaggerate: that algauw give a messy impression. And use none blue to emphasise your text. The most of websurfers associate the colour blue with hyperlinks.

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