How to create a website

February 10, 2010

How you can make a website

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Itself makes a web page?

Using our instructions is that not at all difficult!

How do I start?

You yourself want make a web page, then with html-editor beginning to download. This is a programme with which html-pagina’s make you easily (pages read which are with a browser, such as Internet Explorer, Netscape navigator or Mozilla Firefox).

In fact need you no longer than a simple make text editor (such as draft block-system) html-pagina, but because you must insert codes also a lot of except text, it is pleasant as a programme which for you can do. Thus the chance on errors is smaller and works you more rapidly. Itself finds I HTML-Kit a pleasant programme, but there is of course innumerable find other on Internet (missing in Google on: free html editor).

Now you can continue in two manners. You can use of my for free Internet site templates and that as a basis use for your own web pages or my stap-voor-stap-instructie can succeed you and using HTML-Kit a web page make such as those in the image below.

NB: The above web page has been made using html-tabel. Honestly said the preference is nowadays given to web pages which (whole or gedeelteijk) have been formed using stijlbladen (cascading style sheets). Html-tabellen can be however still useful form parts of web pages.


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