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February 10, 2010

Where do I pay attention?

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If you want make his own Internet site, must you asked or late a field name zoeken and let fix. But a field name one time is spent. And the principle that applies, is: which first comes, that grinds first.

It can thus be that the name which you had you in ideas then decided make a Internet site, no longer available is. To look at if your name is still free, you type him in the box below and click you on GO:

The name which you had in ideas no longer available, is checks then if this name is perhaps still free in combination with a another suffix. Therefore instead of checking if is still free, now look at you if is still free. The same can do you with .eu, .info, .biz and .com for example.

What you also can do, are a hyphen add between two words: With that is you name exactly a smattering differently, and therefore unique. Think well after for you a name for your Internet site registers; you do not change him easy more!
A suitable field name to zoeken

Especially if your intention is money with your Internet site, it is important deserve that you reflect well when you will zoeken a field name and those late to fix. Molar a name which is clear and one or more words contained where it is frequently gezocht on. Nicely or funnily then not so much sense has; it goes that your Internet site is found.

The name of the Internet site where you sit now on, is for example not beautiful, but quite clear. The name of of our other Internet sites is That name lets also to clarity wish nothing concerning and contains a word on which is frequently gezocht. Because you have to of course nothing number 1 stand on Google for an entry on which but ten times per month are gezocht!

An idea to get on which words in the Netherlands are gezocht, uses we frequently a free aid programme for zoekwoorden. A word in the profession under the text types fodder one zoekwoord or one phrase in by rule, and ask click on the button with the text suggestions for zoekwoorden. The result is tabelletje with relevant zoekwoorden, an estimate of the zoekvolume of the previous month and the average zoekvolume. These values are reflected using a beam. How more colour in the beam, how higher the zoekvolume.

Also concerning the part after the point you must reflect well. Molar kindest the .nl, .net or .com – to our idea comes that most reliable. A field name finishing on .nu in the Netherlands also still is possible, but then it stops nevertheless real.

In the first place your intention is not deserving money with your Internet site, then you can choose simply a name which you find nice, or your own name, or a fantasia name. And the part behind the point thus no longer does so much.

(More tips with regard to the choice of a field name find you on
Your field name register

Dutch field name (therefore a field name which finishes on .nl) can you in fact only at Dutch hostingprovider let fix. These have been, as it happens, dovetailed the SIDN (the foundation Internet Domeinregistratie the Netherlands). This is the only agency in the Netherlands which is competent deliver field names finishing on .nl.

You want zoeken therefore a field name which finishes on .nl, then end up you automatically at Dutch hostingprovider.

You want zoeken however a field name which finishes on .com or on .net, then have you a much assortment. You get help thus at innumerable foreign hostingproviders. The most have the right .com, .net, .info and .biz – offer field.

Because competition there is more, they can be cheaper than the Dutch proposers. However, you must realise yourself that all communication with such a foreign hostingprovider will take place of course in English.

Yes or no a free field name?

Some field names are free, but there stand what compared with. For nothing the sun goes on! Choose you for a free field name, then is you, as it happens, no longer hundred per cent free in the choice of that name: generally somewhere in the name of your Internet site the name of your web hosting will prevent provider. You want a field name, however, entirely rather are able choose, then zul for that must pay you. The price of a field name is as a matter of fact not very high: such a 10 up to 15 euro per year.

Where you yourself field name also late fix, we advise you, however, also reserve web space (hosting) at datzelfde company. Because you let fix itself field name at one and put yourself you web files on the computer network of the other one, then is possible that to extra costs suffer. There, as it happens, certain must be done things to ensure that surfers who type in your field name (that you at company have fixed A) your web pages to see getting (that at company B on the server to stand). And that operations are frequently charged costs. You have categorised everything at one and the same company, then do not have you those costs.


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