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Add e-mail form in website

You want make a e-mail form, with which the visitors of your Internet site can send you reported, then lay I here from how you can do that (or examine the videotutorial  for a visual instruction).

But before firstly just as a warning starts you with the instructions below. Form script which we use here, is php-script, what meanss that you can it use only if you web hosting provider php support scripting, such as, the web hosting provider where site also this has been categorised.

Then now here the step by step explanation:

1. Download firstly Phorm.
2. Package the gezipte resistant ( You now get a folder which phorm are called, with a folder which distribution are called. Copy or move the complete folder distribution to the folder in which your Internet site files are themselves.
3. Now HTML-Kit on (or other html-editor) and resistant the phormconfig.php start (in the folder distribution). Change the value behind $PHORM_ALERTTO in your e mailadres. Change afterwards the value behind $PHORM_URL in the name of your own Internet site. Lettuce the file on under the same name and closes it.
4. Open vervolgens quickconfig.php (also in the folder distribution).
* Change the e mailadres behind $PHORM_TO in your own e mailadres.
* Change Phorm data by reported by means of Internet site form;
* Lettuce the file and locks up it.
5. New html-pagina and a plak make the code mentioned below in the part between the tags <body> and </body>:

<form method= post action= distribution/phorm.php >

<input type= hidden name= PHORM_CONFIG value= quickconfig.php >

Name: <br/> <input type= text name= nasty size=50 maxlength=50><br/><br/>

e mailadres: <br/> <input type= text name= e-mail size=50 maxlength=50><br/><br/>

Reported: <br/> <textarea rows= 5 cols= 38 name= reported ></textarea><br/><br/>

<input type= submit send value= >


The file gives a title (between the tags <title> and </title>) and lettuce up it under the name contact.html. It keeps at the same place where also you other html-pagina’s stand (therefore not in the folder distribution, but in a folder higher).

What you also can do, are the complete piece between <form> and </form> copy and stick on the place in of your web pages where you want a form.

6. Open resistant generic.html (in the folder traffic-jams, submap of the folder distribution). This is the file that your see visitor gets if he has filled in the form on your Internet site and on send has clicked. Replaces the English text (Thank you for your input. Your data has leg received.) by something in Dutch, for example by: We have received your bulletin and as soon as possible will react. This page also reflects an appropriate title (between the tags <title> and </title>). Lettuce the file then and locks up it. Change nothing to the name of the file; it must continue be called therefore generic.html.

If you want, you can introduce natural still modifications in the layout, so that the page is appropriate at the remaining pages of your Internet site. Everything are well, as long as the file but generic.html continues be called.

And still an observation: if you want generic.html incorporate in the file references to other pages on your site, for example to your homepage, then you can encode the risky daarnaartoe the bests hard, this means that link entirely write out (including http://www): Because the file generic.html appears in complete an other folder then the file index.html find you browser the file to which does not refer you differently.
7. Open resistant phorm_err.html (also in the folder traffic-jams). This is the page which gets see a visitor if there has gone somewhere in the process something error. Replace the English text by Dutch, for example by: There has wrongly acted and your bulletin has not arrived. Return to the liaison form and try it once more. Obtain also the rule with the text <! — Phorm Messages –> gone. Lettuce finally the file on under the same name and closes it.

To this page applies also that you can this way many modifications introduce in the design if you want but, as long as you do not change the name of the file but.
8. Submappen now all remove distribution from the folder which you do not have necessary: docs, examples and README. There remain four folders concerning: traffic-jams, lib, plugins and tools. These let stand you.

Remove also the files which you do not have necessary: INSTALL, QuickStart and UPGRADE. You let stand to the rest of the files.
9. Upload now firstly your liaison form to the server: the file that you contact.html have called, or another web page with in this the piece form code.
Vervolgens upload you the complete folder distribution (what has remained of it).
10. Finally you must check still even everything. Call upon you form your browser and tests or everything climb the ladder.

Have you ask concerning this form script? Look then even on our question page or them is perhaps already answered.


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