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Add Guestbook in website

Do you do want make a free guest book?
Here you find the instruction
for a guest book in php!

Gladly does a free guest book on your site does want you that easy it is install? We have just as looked around for your and eventually one found in the form of DigiOz Guestbook. It a guest book that moreover a Nederlandstalige module have been contained, as nice as you also have a Dutch Internet site.

For this script need you not much, your server must only, however, php script is able carry out. At free webhosting services that generally are possible, but at paid. Itself has we good experience with the webhosting providers and, // <![CDATA[
var uri = '; + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11);
// ]]>but there is of course find other still a lot of.

Installation guest book DigiOz

For the installation of this free guest book script fodder you the following steps from:

  1. Download DigiOz Guestbook version 1.7.2.
  2. Unzip this resistant and lettuce the contents of it in a temporary folder on your pc.
  3. Open HTML seal (or other html-editor) and resistant the config.php
  4. In the rules 38 and 39 to see you next the text standing:
    $_Username = admin;
    $_Password = admin;

    Molar himself username and password and put them at the place where now admin stand (you let stand double to the quotations mark).

  5. In rule 25 to see you standing: $default_language = language.php;
    Change this in: $default_language = language_dutch.php;
  6. In rules 47-50 stands:
    $referers = array (, // Your domain nasty without WWW, // Your domain nasty with WWW
    111,222,333,444); // IP Address or your site

    Fill your own data. In our case that will for example become:

    $referers = array (, // Your domain nasty without WWW, // Your domain nasty with WWW; // IP Address or your site

    Other changes which you can carry out in config.php, are the following:

    in rule 5 ($email_optional = 0;):
    change 0 in 1 if the import of e mailadres is not obliged

    in rule 6 ($name_optional = 0;):
    change 0 in 1 if the import of a name is not obliged

  7. The open your html-editor resistant header.php. The text between title-tags ( – Guestbook Version 1.7) change you in a title to own choice, for example in: guest book of

    In rule 32 of this file to see you further standing: Grapple Search <b>WORD</b>:
    Change this in: Type your <b>zoekwoord</b>:

    and in rule 33 you change Find Now! in missing!

  8. Upload folders now all (except the folder docs) and files to a folder on your server. You can moor for this for example the bests a special folder whom you guest book o.i.d. call. Weet you not how you files must uploaden, then you can elsewhere read through that on our site.
  9. The properties 777, and also all text files which sit in that folder, give data to the folder. In CoreFTP, the programme which we use for the uploaden of files, do clicking you to that with your rechtermuisknop on a folder or resistant, choosing for Properties, and vervolgens fowling Read, Write and Execute to for both User, Group and World.
  10. The rest of the folders and files which you have geupload, must has the value 755 (Read and Execute).
  11. Now you your Internet browser calls upon himself guest book:
    and fodder you yourself first berichtje.
  12. To go to the administrator baffle, you go to:
    Login with the username and password which you have given up. Here you can remove for example berichtjes by on Delete clicking above the concerning berichtje.

Have you a question concerning this guest book, look then even or the answer on your question concerning this guest book on our question page has been perhaps already given or look on support forum of the guest book.

Much pleasure!


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