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Add music in website

A page with your Internet site of background music provide is really not at all difficult. Some that you must do are a sound file on the server of your webhost to put and place a bit html-code on the page on which that background music must hear be. More does not come look at! Verderop you find the code of the background music of this web page.

But indicated carefully with background music: if you sound file is very large, it can last a lot long before you page has been charged in Internet Explorer (or another browser). You run then risk that your visitor again leave before he has seen the page even but! And that can be of course never your intention.

A pleasant file format for background music is the formatformat format (.mid). filefile files are rather small and charge thus fast. If you can rather .mp3- or .wav-bestand used that also, but then it will last longer before you get visitor your page to see (and hear). Hou further account that not yet adsl-verbinding have everyone. You want gladly keep yourself visitors on your site, hou your sound files thus this way small possible.

Care finally that you have good webhost. Why? Much free web to hosting services offers but a lot little space on their server, therefore by the time that you music files on their server appear, has you but weing space more for other matter. We have first class hostingpakket at Alphamegahosting, and that offers enough space for what background music.

And then now the code

1. Missing firstly musics or sound file which you want use. Weet you where you from do not have obtain a suitable music file? The background music which you hear on this page, is originating from You do not find there what you zoekt, then there natural still enough other sites are where you can musics download or sound files (type of royalty free music traffic-jams in the profession below and click on zoeken).

1. Care, however, that you have the rights to music you want hear let which!

2. Upload your music file to the server of your web hosting provider. How you do that, state described on our homepage.

3. Now open you your html-editor page on which you music wants meddle to hear. Somewhere on the page – it does not do so much where – following html-code put you:

<embed src= music/debussy1.mid autostart= true loop= false hidden= false width= 144 height= 60 >


* src= music/debussy1.mid:
This means that the name of your music file is debussy1.mid and that is on your server it to find in the folder music.

* autostart= true:
This bit code says that the music file must be played directly if the page is called. If you replace true by false, the music fragment is just hear if you visitor clicks on the afspeelknop of the mediums player.

* loop= false:
You to that you give the music file but one time wants play let. You replace false by true then start the music file again always. Instead of true or false you can put down here also a number. The number 2 means therefore that the sound fragment two times must be repeated.

* hidden= false:
This gives to or the mediums player presence or absence of hidden must become (in this case not – he stands beside this text). The more so if have established you that the music file must continue play always but behind each other by, it is a good idea to your visitors of giving the chance music to stop.

* width= 144 height= 60:
If you have not hidden the mediums player can you with these values influence exert on the dimensions of the mediums player on the web page.

Finally upload you html-bestand with the music code to the server. That is everything!


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