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On this page lay I you from how you it yourself still what easier can make with the models of this Internet site: , as it happens, by to use of php includes.

A certain Internet site model has once this way adapted you that it is entirely to your sense, then certain parts that model is which on each page of your site returns. take for example. Below the site stands retrieve footer that on each page of the site is. In those footer among other things copyright-regel stand, with a year. I want now at the beginning of the new year which copyright-regel change, then I all html-pagina’s for must open and the new year to put. That is me much too much work!

What you in such a case much improve can do, and what I myself also done have, is php-includes use of. The first what I do, html-code of my footer are to take away. At me this my footer-code were:

<div class= footer > <a href= privacy.html >privacybeleid</a> | Copyright &copy; 2003-2009 Arkon v.o.f. &ndash; Leiden<br/><br/> </div>

At the place where that code appeared, I take the next rule now on:

<? php include (inc_footer.php); ? >

Afterwards open I a new file, in which I my removed code plak. This resistant lettuce I under the name: inc_footer.php

Finally upload I everything to the server. If I the modified pages see recall in my browser everything still exact the same, but behind the baffles I have everything what simple made.

The same can do you of course with other parts of your site which are everywhere the same, such as your tool bar and your header.

(Pay attention to: To be able apply includes php, must you, however, webhosting provider have which the use of php-scripts do not permit, differently work it.)


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